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Protecting Children from Porn

Tim Brown, NFL Legend, Fights Online Porn

Upon retiring from the NFL after 17 years, Tim Brown seeks to protect children Online with the release of the Tim Brown Kid Safe Sports Browser™.

Plano, TX (PRWEB) August 4, 2005 -- Werner Entities and NFL Great Tim Brown has teamed up with Life Skills Alliance and Children’s Educational Network, announcing today that it has launched the world’s only “Tim Brown Kid Safe Sports Browser™”, now a free download at This new Tim Brown branded Kid Safe Sports Browser™ is designed to protect children on the Internet with Children’s Educational Network’s proprietary protection software. The Tim Brown Kid Safe Browser™ is being offered as a no-cost computer download or by ordering a CD for a nominal fee by calling 1-760-233-2863.

“After being involved as a child advocate for over 20 years, working with Athletes and Entertainers for Kids™ and 911 For Kids™, I am extremely excited to be able to offer a tool free of charge to parents that will help protect children form the perils of the Internet, not to mention the very cool educational features” said Tim Brown.

The browser and technology was created and is maintained by Children’s Educational Network. “It is our goal that every parent has the tools to protect their children from the perils of the Internet regardless of cost.” Said Greg Writer, CEO of Children’s Educational Network. We are very excited to have Life Skills Alliance and Tim Brown, NLF Great, believe in our vision to build “The Ultimate Kids Internet™” that we call “TUKI™”, based on safety and education.” Parents will have peace of mind about internet surfing.

“The Tim Brown Kid Safe Browser™ utilizes incredible technology that allows children to surf only safe, parent-approved, child-appropriate websites. Unlike a typical filter, this browser pulls information from a list of approved websites only, the safest and most reliable method according to industry experts,” said Greg Writer, San Diego’s foremost authority on the topic of online safety for children. The browser also has a function we call “Internet Protection Module™” that prevents children from surfing the web with a unprotected browser once the Tim Brown Kid Safe Browser™ is installed.

The technology is comprised of a Tim Brown-themed Kid Safe Browser™ and a closed, online community for kids that includes a buddies-only email and closed parent approved chat system. This setup allows children to enjoy the Internet in an entertaining and educational setting while giving parents the peace of mind that their kids are safe. It works with any Internet Service Provider and is built on the Microsoft Windows Platform.

A very unique feature developed under license with Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq NM: MSFT) is their MS Agent technology. Using this technology, Children’s Educational Network has created a 3D-animated version of Tim Brown. This animated version of Tim Brown will be the Internet Guide for the Tim Brown Kid Safe Browser™ to entertain and lead children through their customized Internet experience. Parents also have the unique ability to program Tim Brown to remind their children of chores or speak encouraging words while they surf the Internet.

About Children’s Educational Network:
Children’s Educational Network (CEN) is building the premier, online community for children – “TUKI” ™ The Ultimate Kids’ Internet”™ – specifically designed to provide a safe, fun and educational Internet experience only accessible through CEN’s Kid Safe Browsers. Through each themed Kid Safe Browser™, “TUKI’s” core function is to protect children from pornography, hate, violence, predators and inappropriate content on the Internet while also offering fun, educational content that inspires and motivates children in a positive manner. CEN offers its Kid Safe Browser for free and allows other organizations to participate in protecting kids on the Internet, expanding their brand to the desktop and building customer loyalty by co-branding and private labeling CEN’s technology. Partnership information or press contacts: Children’s Educational Network, 760-233-2863.

About Life Skills Alliance:
The Life Skills Alliance is a league of leaders - authors, athletes, mentors and motivators working in partnership with parents and their children to develop excellence in personal, business life, and family. LSA is grounded in its mission: to be a 'go-to source" for core value tools. The Life Skills Alliance has brought together some of the most effective leadership specialists and family advocates in the world. Our Players are authors, athletes, mentors and motivators in partnership with parents and their children, growing a generation of excellence; including Dr. Denis Waitley, Dr. Maryann Rosenthal, and Teri Werner, joined by NFL Great Tim Brown. Life Skills Alliance lineup is great hearts and great minds, veteran leaders, cutting-edge concepts from today's brightest minds, and hottest young achievers, all combined with "real world" know-how reaching out to create a generation, one life at a time. Check out our programs at or contact e-mail protected from spam bots.

Greg Writer
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